Bel Canto Design, manufacturer of fine audio electronic components, traces its roots back to 1990. With its headquarters in Minneapolis MN USA, Bel Canto employs 12 people, designs and manufactures products in the US that are sold through authorized dealers throughout the US and distributors doing business in some 35 countries. Bel Canto is an industry leader of innovative audio systems focused on the importance of the DAC control center. Digital to Analog converters, Amplifiers and Source Components complete a compact audio electronics system; efficient, low power consuming products that fit easily into your lifestyle.
At Bel Canto we recognize that music is an important part of your life. We know because it’s an important part of ours as well. We’re all looking for those special moments when we dissolve into the music, suspend disbelief and simply enjoy the music. There’s nothing like the experience of emotion; when the outside world affects your internal state and changes how you feel. It’s what Bel Canto is all about!

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