Billy Bags Designs
Bill McCready, BIlly Bags Designs.

I first ordered stands from Bill way back in the late 80’s.  In those days, it wasn’t uncommon for Bill to put our orders in his van and drive them down to us in San Diego.  I always enjoyed visiting with him.  He had this sense of confidence about him that I found admirable.
When we were moving into a larger space, he built a front counter for us, based on some sketches I had sent him.  Accompanied by his assistants, he personally helped to install this new piece and when finished, he took some photos of his work.  This design would find its way into his catalog and other businesses as well.  Watching Bill take photos of his finished work, it wasn’t hard to see that he was proud of the products that he produced. 

After leaving that shop, I always made it a point to bring Billy Bags into whatever business I worked for.

In later years we’d talk about how I wanted to open my own business and I found in him a source of support and reason.
I remember a particular visit with Bill at CES in Las Vegas in 2005.  He was sitting in his booth area in a tall director’s chair, surrounded by some stand samples.  With arms crossed and peering over his glasses, I heard “Daaaaannnn!”... Followed by “Well?  Have you done it yet?”  (gone into business for myself) I shuffled around a bit and looking down at my feet I answered “Naw, not yet... but I’m getting there”.  To this he replied “No time like the present... no time like the present.”

It’s funny how things will revisit you.  A year later, I would find myself standing in line to register my business and get by seller’s permit, my first step at striking out on my own and while filling out the forms I remember thinking “No time like the present”...  Thanks Bill.

In failing health, Bill’s family and our industry lost Bill in August, 2007.  He is dearly missed.  

Billy Bags Designs is headed up by Bill Whorf, who had stepped in to help out with daily operations when Bill was not well.  Mr.Whorf continues in offering Bill’s designs with every bit the effort, attention to detail and pride that I remember in his company’s founder.