The Funk firm is a new and exciting company recently landed upon the British audio scene. We are almost exclusively about analogue sound, simply because we still think it is the best! If you care to look at our designs you will see radical technology, new materials and unique manufacturing techniques. Needless to say the sonic results are worth a listen!
You may want to know, "who are the Funk Firm?" Well, we don't wish to dwell on the past but we should say that we have some previous experience within the Hi-Fi industry. Let us just say that we have been around the block a few times.

Our Philosophy

We at The Funk Firm love analogue - unashamedly. 
We tweak parts no one else dares go near. Why? ‘Cos its fun!
We keep exploring its darkest secrets because we don’t know how far this will take us and that is what is so exciting. Each development brings with it results satisfying a basic hunger for knowledge

…and a reward that is our collective enjoyment.

NEW!  We just received delivery of the first Funk F•XR II tonearm to enter the United States market.  This is an unbelievable, high performance arm that we’re sure, will find its way into the heats of many music lovers.   Plain a simple: it’s a giant killer!
(F•X is pronounced: F dot Cross)

From David Price’s article in Hi-Fi World,  a quote from the manufacturer:
“...the F•XR II’s makeover is so radical that there’s so little left of the original that calling it a modded Rega is wholly inappropriate. Likening it to a Cosworth Ford or AMG Merc’ gives you an idea of the extent of the transformation”.

F•XR II: “The (SME) V...again smears detail. This was a shock. was clear the FXR delivered more of the music...“ 
...”The Series V is a superb piece of engineering and a highly regarded piece of kit, yet it was clear that the FXR delivered more of the music in a calmer and cleaner fashion. The Cosworth analogy would seem, therefore, to be surprisingly accurate
Jason Kennedy. hi-fi choice
5 Stars.

To our knowledge, this is the first time ever, that an outright preference has been made against this world reference arm as opposed to: 
the so and so presented music “differently”.

NEW: The Funk V Mk III available with adjustable VTA Rega 301 tonearm 

Vector drive (pat pend): Simply “State of the Art”…for any turntable. Conventionally, a belt yanks at the bearing / platter. As the platter rotates this continually causes bearing judder, seriously degrading low frequency resolution. To balance and linearise the drive to bearing and platter, Vector uses a patented asymmetric triple pulley arrangement. Permitting a faster servo loop, the motor now has less work to do and so gets on better with its job of smoothly turning the platter. All this is of little use unless it actually benefits us in listening. Well with noticeably enhanced low level, low frequency resolution, Funk V is clearly a superbly engineered Giant Killer of a design.

 Achroplat (pat pend): Using an acrylic base, bonded to the 5mm Acromat,  it is the perfect Achromatic (non-resonant) support.
 Inverted Sapphire Bearing. Very hard, very highly polished. Seen in the highest performance decks.
 DC Motor drive. Low vibration and optimally matched to the platter’s inertia for consistent drive.
 Sorbothane connected feet to isolate critical midband energy from the outside world.
 Available in black and white colors.

The Funk V Mk III in even funkier white!

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The Funk Firm