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"Do you know Heed Audio? Probably not.  
But it would be a big mistake to let that go on much longer."  

Helmut Rohrwild  (Hifi & records)  

 No question, the vast majority of hi-fi manufacturers have the same goals.
They do their best to meet the latest requirements in terms of modern technology, features, and measurements, as well as build and finish, and above all the indispensable sonic criterion of music reproduction: true information retrieval at negligible noise and distortion levels.

We at Heed Audio, however, are strongly convinced that the real challenge begins beyond these criteria - our main design priority is to convey the emotional content and ambience of a recording faithfully, and to create atmosphere and tension in music reproduction. Regrettably, only a few manufacturers can fulfill this true hi-fi expectation. We genuinely believe that we are amongst them.

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