We are proud to announce the highest performance Rega loudspeaker range to date.
The New RS range offers superb performance combined with classic good looks.
New Rega designed high frequency unit using Z-R-R technology (Zero Rear Reflection)
RS5 and RS7 use re-designed 8 layer side mount bass drivers for improved bass response.
New high quality real wood veneered cabinets.
New grille and foot design

Every Rega Bass and Bass/Mid unit is hand assembled, in house, to our exact specifications. This gives us enormous flexibility in design and ensures Rega speakers produce a unique sound compared to OEM drivers purchased 'off the shelf.

The new RS lineup use the HF20-ZRR high frequency unit which is uniquely designed by Rega. By removing unwanted rear reflection the design of the ZRR tweeter helps maintain a distortion free response.
Rega Speakers
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