Strange Attractors
Spiral Groove
Spiral Groove Strange Attractors are exceptionally effective isolation devices and we find them immensely compelling. Designed to quickly and thoroughly trap energy rather than simply transfer it, Strange Attractors are unique and far more powerful than traditional vibration control devices.
In fact, Strange Attractors act very similarly to a diode, which allows energy to only pass one way and not return. Strange Attractors remove both internal and external sources of vibration, hold your components very, very still, allowing your components to finally deliver all the music in your recordings. The effect is absolutely stunning; background noise vanishes, harshness and hash are banished, revealing a gorgeous tonal purity and dramatic dynamic range.
Strange Attractors were originally designed as replacement feet for speakers, since most speaker spikes are pretty awful sounding. In looking at the specific demands of loudspeaker anchoring, Spiral Groove designer Allen Perkins discovered that speakers sounded best when decoupled from the floor, in direct defiance of conventional audiophile belief. When speakers are coupled to the floor, the floor becomes part of the body of the speaker adding its own sonic signature and changing the tonal balance of the entire system. Strange Attractors eliminate this effect, decoupling speakers from whatever surface they sit on allowing them to achieve their optimum performance. Out of curiosity, Allen tried them under various components and found the improvement was even more striking, thus Strange Attractors were born.
Strange Bedfellows
The Strange Attractors use a combination of aluminum and graphite in a proprietary shape. Aluminum is a high-speed energy transfer material which the Strange Attractors use to quickly channel vibration down to the graphite base. The unique shape of the aluminum top section, both external and internal, improves coupling with the graphite base and also reflects energy back towards the base make it very difficult for energy to re-enter the component. The base of the Strange Attractor is made from graphite, a fantastic material for absorbing vibration as it is lightweight yet highly damped; the graphite base is bonded to the aluminum top section creating a Strange Attractor.
Strangely Attractive Shape
The odd shape of the Strange Attractor is no accident, in fact, it is a large part of the reason they are so effective. As energy enters the Strange Attractor, the sloped sides of the aluminum reduce the amplitude of the vibration; as the energy strikes the graphite base it refracts, changing angle and rotating the phase slightly. As energy hits the bottom boundary of the graphite, it reflects back into the Strange Attractor rotating the phase again and dispersing even farther; when it hits the aluminum the energy bounces around again and back down towards the graphite base. Energy gets in, but never gets out.
Strangely Different
Strange Attractors are not coupling devices like cones or metal/ceramic feet, which channel energy from a component down to the shelf below, instead they provide a true dissipative action in and of themselves. In fact, one could say that the Strange Attractors are like traps for energy, once it gets in, it can’t get out. This makes Strange Attractors exceptionally effective on virtually any device, from transports and DACs to turntables and speakers, even equipment racks. Try a set under your gear and we think you’ll agree they make a stunning performance enhancement.
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