"Every good manufacturer has their own philosophy for the way they design and build their speakers. It's rather embarrassing, but we've been so busy designing and perfecting the sound quality of our speakers, we have never taken the time to formally write down our philosophy. When we did, it was really quite simple:
1. We love to listen to well reproduced music
2. We want that music to be part of our lives, always”
Everyone claims to love music, but it loses more and more importance in our consumer society. Due to the constant stream of music in shopping centers, lifts and restaurants, music has become a throw-away good. It is only supposed to give you a feeling of relaxation, like a warm foot bath. However, music can do much more! It can amuse, make us think, stir or comfort us or make us dance. Sometimes it is political, other times it is innocent. It can get on our nerves or calm us down. It can make us laugh or cry. Trenner & Friedl want you to consider our speakers a gateway to this world of music.
We want you to buy our speakers! Therefore we make them the very best. We build them individually and use only excellent materials and components. Whenever they do not meet our latest standards, we improve them or construct new ones. Wherever possible, we use natural materials. Our damping materials are made of pure, long-fiber cotton and sheep’s wool, because there are no artificial alternatives that would sound better.
If you've noticed we haven't described our loudspeaker's sound qualities so far, it's because we let them speak for themselves.
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Trenner & Friedl
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