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Walking through Contra’ Porti, an ancient street in historic center of Vicenza, a visitor can experience a particular emotion induced by the sound of the place. This sound is especially felt during the night hours and it can be barely described as a “response” of the place to the presence of the people. The historic centers in Italian towns are full of arts and one can find his inspiration. The sounds, particularly, generate a full richness of feelings in people.

In this context Viva Audio was born in 1996. The pursuit of the most complete musical experience, through reproduced music and consequently, the search for the closest relationship between live and reproduced music itself, has been the target of the designer since his earliest youthful experiments.

Engineering skill was not enough to accomplish this goal to make musical devices, but the passion for the music, and the sensibility towards the sound was the lever that motivated the need for musical sounding products.

The core of Viva technology is the long term experience of the designer Amedeo Schembri and his brother and founder Giampietro.  Since childhood, the interest and passion for the music led to the need of studies and experimentation on the aspects of the recording, amplification and reproduction of recorded music.

The philosophy and direction of Viva is to preserve, above all else, the essence of the musical message. Realizing that even the slightest nuances make a tremendous difference in imparting the emotional connection of the live musical event.  This is the primary goal of all Viva teamwork. People that play and understand music are impressed by the way Viva electronics deliver that music, respecting the intellectual and emotional message that the musicians put into the recordings.

The actual teamwork, which includes musicians, is focused on this cultural approach, and this collaborative work under the direction and inspiration of the founders is done in order to maintain the highest level of musicality of all the products, always bearing in mind respect for this sonic behavior, along with technical performance.

The sonic performance can be immediately recognized to be not as classic tube amplifiers, nor as solid state. Instead of fat colorations or, on the other hand, a fake sensation of “detail” that usually reveals the presence of colorations with the effect of listening fatigue and lack of enjoyment of the music, the behavior of Viva amplifiers and preamplifiers is of a very fast and refined presentation, with easy to follow articulation of the musical message and satisfying energy and punch, in order to preserve as much as possible of the precious information of the recordings, even the slightest ones.

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