The Full Circle is a tribute to the medium of vinyl and it's unique position in the music lover's life. It has re-defined the way that analogue will evolve in the next century and eloquently re-affirms the long term viability of the format. The solution is comprised of three State of the art components, the Circle turntable, a.c.t. 0.5 tonearm and Ply moving coil carbon fiber bodied cartridge. With a set up time of less than one hour, the complete product requires no "tuning" and will remain stable and reliable indefinitely.

Wilson Benesch is the world's foremost authority on the use and function of advanced composite structures when applied in audio systems. Over ten years of research and development lie behind this imaginative and unique product.

As a complete solution it is a landmark product, however, the modular design framework elevates its value above and beyond the conventional. 

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Wilson Benesch Full Circle
The Future of Analogue 
Wilson Benesch was founded 20 years ago on analogue. The voicing of all the Loudspeakers has benefited from a Wilson Benesch Turntable. Because it remains the medium of choice, we continue to develop new ideas that may push back the limitations of todays technologies, as in the case of the Nanotube One Tonearm. This advanced design exploits the remarkable properties of Nano technology  in the form of nanotubes which function at the quantum level of physics. (Carbon nano tubes are 100 times more rigid than steel and six times lighter)