Odyssey Series Loudspeakers
Wilson Benesch

Consistently, for almost 12 years, Wilson Benesch has seen prestigious awards and critical acclaim for its loudspeaker designs being earned on every continent. Notably the first award was for the Wilson Benesch turntable. When the world was choosing the compact disc over vinyl, Wilson Benesch stood almost  alone in its stance against the notion that the C.D. could provide “Perfect Sound For- ever” and continued to develop loudspeakers with analogue. The same turntable design is still used to day to voice every loudspeaker. During the years of development that is required by each individual design, listening tests are central to the design process. Every Wilson Benesch loudspeaker is a distinctive development with its own set of design goals.
Each design is developed first, and only then is the bill of materials and final price produced. This is some- what unusual in a world where the market and price point so often dictates the design limits. In this, and many other ways, Wilson Benesch defines its own market. This unsettles the market causing some anxiety especially when two designs are quite closely priced, as in for example the case of the Discovery and the Curve.  Again, Wilson Benesch is quite unique in its rejection of the accepted norm. The Odyssey Series all share design elements, like drive units and materials technology, and in many ways they sound very similar to each other. Despite these similarities, each design has its own quite unique signature or character and the major strong points that define its position. That every design has been strong enough to win a prestigious award somewhere in the world is most unusual. As in the case of vinyl they have stood the test of time. This is, in our view the most challenging test of all. The ultimate goal, is to bring you the artist that you want to hear, at any time and without that uninvited guest - the cabinet of the traditional loudspeaker design.

All images by David Redfern are from the Wilson Benesch e-brochure


Wilson Benesch products are unique in every detail.  The visual aesthetic is determined by function and engineered from the raw material under one roof.
The quality of finish is a natural requirement of materials.  Choice and sonic performance is everything.

Controlling unwanted acoustic energy, or sound, is a huge area of engineering in itself.  It is not an Art, but a science. The success of any loudspeaker owes as much to the way that it contains and controls unwanted sound energy, as it does to making it audible.  It is for this reason, that for over a decade, Wilson Benesch has applied the most advanced materials known to man, in pursuit of the goal of producing sound.  However, it is the technologies that have been exploited to control and dispose of unwanted energy, that have defined the company’s identity, and are now synonymous with the name Wilson Benesch.  It is no coincidence  that the materials in a Wilson Benesch loudspeaker, are identical to those deployed in the highly competitive world of Formula One Racing Car, Aerospace or Military applications. This is why we make the claim, that the audible output from the poly alloy / A.C.T. technology enclosure, is an industry standard, and that no other loudspeaker can boast such advanced technology.